1. What's so special about the clock "Songbirds"?

The KooKoo songbirds have 12 original recordings of native songbirds in the wild, which sound every hour on the hour. A light sensor ensures that the birds sleep in the dark. The KooKoo songbirds are available in different frame colours and materials.

2. What's so special about the KooKoo BirdHouse?

The KooKoo BirdHouse is made of MDF wood and combines a classic cuckoo clock clock in a modern designed cabinet. Voice choice: either 12 native songbirds or the classic cuckoo call, both are natural field recordings. Every hour on the hour another bird or the cuckoo calls. A light sensor ensures that the birds sleep in the dark. The KooKoo BirdHouse offers four different coloured birds and pendulum discs, which can be easily replaced (magnetic). The pendulum is removable.

3. What is the difference between BirdHouse and BirdHouse mini?

The functions and bird sounds of both clocks are identical. BirdHouse mini has no pendulum and the wooden cabinet is half the size of the BirdHouse.

4. What is the difference between BirdHouse mini and AnimalHouse?

BirdHouse mini encompasses 12 songbirds and the cuckoo call, while AnimalHouse includes 5 different animal sounds and 5 magnetic animals (rooster, dog, cat, pig, elephant). Both cabinets are made of MDF wood and are the same size, but differ in the choice of colours: BirdHouse is available in black and white, AnimalHouse is available in yellow, blue, red, green and white.

5. What is the special feature of the UltraFlat clock?

At only 18mm thick, the UltraFlat is the slimmest songbird in the KooKoo range. Bird sounds and features are identical to the classic songbirds.

6. Do all KooKoo clocks have a light sensor?

All KooKoo clocks have a light sensor that controls the sounds. There is no integrated light sensor in the KooKoo alarm clock (EarlyBird, KidsAlarm).

7. Where can I keep the included animal figurines?

To store the animals near the clock on BirdHouse mini and AnimalHouse, simply use the supplied rod, which you can magnetically attach to the bottom of the case. With the KidsAlarm clock you will find on the sides of magnetic recesses in which the figures are not lost.

8. Does my child understand the operation of the KidsAlarm clock? How does it recognize that the alarm is on?

KidsAlarm is specially developed for children. To activate the alarm, one of the magnetic animals is placed on top of the center of the housing. To switch off, simply remove the animal and store it in the magnetic side compartment or place it on the magnetic surface on the left front side of the case.

9. How loud is the pendulum of the BirdHouse?

The pendulum of the BirdHouse is battery operated and works completely noiselessly.

10. Where do the bird illustrations of KooKoo songbirds come from?

The 12 bird illustrations on the dial are from the feathers of ornithologists and illustrators Killian Mullarney (Ireland) and Dan Zetterström (Sweden).

11. Where did the illustrations from KidsWorld come from?

The drawings on the dial of the KooKoo Kidsworld are by the well-known illustrator Monika Neubauer-Fesser.


1. How do I set the correct voice order?

Please remove the batteries and then set the clock to 12:50. Now reinsert the batteries and set the hands clockwise to the correct time.

2. Why are the animal sounds so quiet?

The volume of the animal sounds is controlled by a light sensor (exception: Alarm clock). The darker, the quieter the voices. It is possible that the batteries are already weak and will have to be replaced soon.

3. Can I switch off the animal sounds at night?

Our clocks have a built-in light sensor, which automatically turns off the animal's sounds every hour on dark hours. If you want to switch off the animal sounds completely, you can remove the appropriately marked batteries.

4. How do I know which bird sings at what time?

If the order of voices is set correctly, you can assign the bird's voices to the illustrations on the dial. Additional information on each bird can be found in the booklet that accompanies your watch, which you can download at each product page.

5. Where did the bird song shots come from?

The birdsongs were recorded in the wild by renowned French ornithologist and animal voice researcher Jean-Claude Roché.

6. Which birds can be heard with the bird's voice clocks (songbirds, Ultraflat, BirdHouse, BirdHouse mini)?

The voices of the native songbirds are original recordings from the wild. You can hear blackbird, song thrush, blackcap, garden warbler, robin, nightingale, bluethroat, redstart, collared flycatcher, fitis, woodlark and oriole. In BirdHouse and BirdHouse mini the cuckoo is also available.

7. What tunes does the clock play Children's Songs?

Every hour on the hour an other nursery rhyme originally recorded with flute and zither sounds: Fox, you have stolen the goose; Bake bake cake; Tuff tuff the railroad; All my little ducklings [children's song; Hoppe Hoppe Reiter; Cuckoo, cuckoo; Small hens; Bunny in the pit; On the wall on the wait; Bibabiba Butzemann; Come a bird flew and brother Jacob.

8. What tunes does the clock play in Silent Night clock?

Every hour on the hour another Christmas song sounds: Oh Christmas tree; Silent Night; Joy to the world; It has sprung a rose; Adeste fideles; Now sing and be happy; O you happy; Jingle Bells; Snowflake whitedress; Hark the Herald Angels Sing; Once at Royal David's City; In the Bleak Midwinter.

9. Which animal sounds does the clock KidsWorld play?

Every hour on the hour, the original recording of another animal from the country sounds: bee, duck, donkey, frog, dog, rooster, cat, cow, horse, sheep, goat, pig.

10. What animal sounds does the alarm clock EarlyBird play?

For a wake-up call you can choose from the hen, the golden oriole, the cuckoo, the raven or a yoga gong. The alarm sound gets louder in three steps until you wake up (automatic 3-step crescendo).

11. What animal sounds does the clock play AnimalHouse/ KidsAlarm?

Every hour on the hour, the original recording of the animal placed on the back of the device will sound. You can choose from rooster, cat, dog, pig or elephant.

12. Which vehicles does the clock MAN Truck Clock play?

Every hour on the hour comes the original recording of another MAN truck: TGX E6 24-440 semitrailer, TGM E6 waste bin, MAN Neoplan E6 Starliner, CLA E6 20-280 dump truck, TGM E6 road cleaning, TGL E6 12-250 articulated lorry, MAN Lion's Regio bus , TGX E6 18-480 Dump Truck, MAN Neoplan Cityliner, TGS E6 39S 8x4, MAN Lion's Coach, TGX E6 18-480 Long-Distance


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1. Are batteries included?

KooKoo clocks are delivered without batteries.

2. How long do the batteries last in my KooKoo watch?

The life of the batteries is about 8-10 months.

3. Can I use rechargeable batteries in my KooKoo Clock?

The lower voltage of rechargeable batteries may interfere with the functions of your watch when they are used. We therefore recommend that you always use new batteries with a voltage of 1.5V.

4. I have misplaced the manual. Where can I find replacement?

In each product page on our website we have compiled all the operating instructions for the products.


1. How long does the delivery take?

We stock in USA and deliver within 3-4 working days.

2. Which payment methods are available to me?

Credit card (all types), Debit card, Google Pay, ApplePay, Shopify pay and Amazon pay. Payment methods can be seen at the bottom right side of each page.